Professional’s photos

July 25, 2009

The pictures from the wedding and the after-wedding shoot are up on our photographer’s website!!
Go to There are several tabs on the top right. Click on ‘Clients’. Copy ‘Jennifer and Eric’ (minus the quotation marks) and paste into the password box. Click Submit, then Enter. Enjoy!

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 😀


Random Wedding Pictures

June 26, 2009

These pictures were taken by several different people. All unedited.

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These were taken by my friend Pat. You can find his website here: These are completly un-edited.

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Registry fun!

March 31, 2009

You are always told that stuff in movies doesn’t happen in real life. Well, in the case of wedding registries – it certainly does! It was exactly like in the movies! Although the movies don’t tell you that your feet will hurt at the end of it all! We had so much fun going through Home Outfitters, finding the perfect set of dishes, and they had matching glassware! And the silverware is gorgeous! I had a really hard time choosing between colours of towels, so we got two different colours that go well together! We discovered that vaccuum cleaners are much more expensive than we thought, and so are really good pots. Éric and I discovered a lot about each other – that we had the same taste (thank goodness!) and that Éric is willing to carry a lot more than I want to let him (I had my backpack, and so did he – and he ended up carrying both because my back was hurting). We were able to make compromises on colour and design, and we didn’t fight about anything, not even once! Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable experience, and I am SO glad that we were able to do this together. 🙂

Invitations and Logos

February 21, 2009